Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Summer's BRCC Brazil Missions Trip

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Haitian Update

I am not sure I can provide adequate words to describe the depth of need in this poorest country in this hemisphere. With three major storms hitting them one almost immediately after the other and with the fact that they have cut down 90% of their forest there is little to keep the mud slides and heavy rains from taking great tolls of life and property.

Many areas are yet to be dug out and a total death count has not been determined. What has been determined is that many are isolated and in need of food, clothing and medical care. All three of these needs can be met in part through the efforts on going at Mission Harvest and with the aid of some that are urgently trying to raise funds to transport the materials to St. Marc for distribution.

We have backlogged over 120,000 pounds of beans urgently needed in Haiti at our warehouse in Jacksonville. We need volunteers to help process the package and preparations for distribution when shipped and funds to make the shipments.

We also have other items such as medical supplies, clothes, shoes and furniture which can be added blessings to those so urgently in need.

Please pray for these critical needs and then follow what the Lord would have you to do to help. The children of Haiti are depending on all of us to help.

In His Grace

Dewey Painter

Dr. Dewey E. Painter, Sr., Ph.D., CEO
Mission Harvest America
69 South Copeland Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Haitian Ministry

Pastor Luc Joseph is President of World Renewal in Haiti. He has started eight churches and six elementary schools. Pastor Luc personally miniters to many of the churches, overcoming distance in order to minister. World Renewal Haiti continues to actively expand the ministries with new church plants currently under way and a life changing children's ministry that now operates Christ's Compassion Orphanage.

Link on BrandywineChurch.org website

Tele Moraes is the President and founder of World Renewal - Brazil. He is also the director of the Northeastern Bible Seminary in Carpina, Brazil. Tele's passion for church planting and the resulting evalgelism has been the tool God has used to raise up this ministry.

Tele's wife, Heather, is the daughter of British Salvation Army missionaries to Brazil. Heather is the director of Social Miinistries for World Renewal-Brazil. She also directs the music ministry of Renewal in Brazil. She is an accomplished keyboard artist with commendable skills for translating second language hymns and choruses in Portuguese. Tele and Heather have four children.

For more information, check out http://wrbrazil.blogspot.com/, World Renewal Blog or call (317)467-9899.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome to Community Church MissionsCentral

This space will be used for continuous updating of information and ideas centering around central Indiana Community Church Christian mission activities and their partnership with World Renewal International Missions Sending Agency